I-MBA in HR and Public Administration (I-MBA HPA)

Program Code



5 Years Integrated


5 Year

Department name

Department of Public Policy and Governance
Semester Sr no CourseCode Course CourseCredit
Sem-1 1 HR_BBA_AECC_1 Environmental Studies (ES) 4
Sem-1 2 HR_BBA_CC_101 Principles of Management (POM) 4
Sem-1 3 HR_BBA_CC_102 Financial Accounting for Managers (FAM) 4
Sem-1 4 HR_BBA_CC_103 Forms of Business Organization (FOB) 4
Sem-1 5 HR_BBA_CC_104 Business Mathematics (BM) 4
Sem-1 6 HR_BBA_Language_1 Basic Communications (BC) (LanguaGE_English/Hindi/ Modern Indian Language)/ 4
Sem-2 1 HR_BBA_AECC_2 Language: English/Hindi/Sanskrit/Modern Indian Language/ Foreign Language/ Dance/ Music/ Yoga/ Gender Sensitization/ NSS / NCC / Sports / Certified Voluntary Work/Social Work/Practical Exposure to Skill Development 4
Sem-2 2 HR_BBA_CC_105 Micro Economics for Managers (MEM) 4
Sem-2 3 HR_BBA_CC_106 Business Statistics-I (BS-I) 4
Sem-2 4 HR_BBA_CC_107 Financial Reporting and Analysis (FRA) 4
Sem-2 5 HR_BBA_CC_108 Growth and Structure of Industries (GSI) 4
Sem-2 6 HR_BBA_Langugage_2 Communication Skills for Managers (CSM) 4
Sem-3 1 HR_BBA_SEC_1 Critical Thinking for Manager (CTM) 4
Sem-3 2 HR_BBA_SEC_1 Health & Fitness Management (HFM) 4
Sem-3 3 HR_BBA_SEC_1 Yoga and Wellness (YW) 4
Sem-3 4 HR_BBA_SEC_1 Computer Fundamentals (CF) 4
Sem-3 5 HR_BBA_CC_201 Macro Economics for Managers (MAM) 4
Sem-3 6 HR_BBA_CC_202 Foundation of Statistic-II (FoS-II) 4
Sem-3 7 HR_BBA_CC_203 Cost Accounting (CA) 4
Sem-3 8 HR_BBA_DSE_1 Corporate Taxation & Planning(CTP) 4
Sem-3 9 HR_BBA_DSE_2 Special Studies Report (SSR) 4
Eligibility Criteria
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