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       Forensic science has acquired worldwide acceptance and recognition as the most reliable investigating technique in crime detection. The demand for forensic scientists is growing day by day not only due to the spiraling crime rate that is gripping the urban areas but also due to the fact that the criminals are increasingly using more innovative and high tech methods in their activities. The traditional methods of investigations have become quite ineffective in these circumstances. The technically sophisticated methods developed by the forensic science are the most effective tools for investigations in such cases. In spite of the fact that such techniques are available, severe shortage of trained professionals in this area has become a major problem in crime investigations.

       Keeping these aspects in view, Gujarat University started a post graduate course in forensic science in collaboration with DFS, Gandhinagar which was inaugurated on the 21st of August 2006.Gujarat University is the first in western region of India to offer such a highly professional and specialized course The post graduate course in forensic science, which was started in a room of Chemistry Department, has grown into a fully-fledged department within a short span, with almost all high tech facilities required for the programme and the course has become the most sought after course of Gujarat University.

       The Ph. D programme in Forensic Science was started in 2010 and has become a recognized center for high quality research work in almost all thrust areas of forensic science.

Enhancing academic excellence through a balanced emphasis on teaching and research.Adopting innovative teaching methods that promote learning, creativity and critical thinking skills.Reviewing regularly the curriculum, courses and programs offered to meet the changing needs of the forensic science profession.
To be the nation's finest in nurturing a future generation of competent, credible and ethical scientists.

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