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LLM in Human Rights and Duties at Gujarat University is a Two-year postgraduation programme that is designed for those, who interested in learning about the fundamental rights and Duties of every Gujarat University, Ahmedabad human being and gain knowledge about the various laws and rights that every individual possesses. The ideas of freedom and rights have been part of human societies since the birth of the first civilizations. Human rights were conceived narrowly as mere freedom from arbitrary government in the past. It was realised later and much more so during the last fifty years since the end of the Second World War that the threats to liberty, equality and justice did not emanate from the state alone. Although this concept is pledged naturally and intuitive in people’s way of thinking, the modern understanding of human rights differs fundamentally.

A greater awareness of human rights, not only as negative restrictions on the state but as positive obligations for creating an environment in which man could live with dignity was necessary. Today our modern world relies on this fundamental perception to save itself from injustice. Human rights are universal and demand compassion and respect for others. They cannot be taken from a person. Today the United Nations and their Charter are defining international law, which protects fundamental freedoms. The rules they follow create a complex system of organizations, which can keep you safe in case of unfairness or discrimination.

Protection of Human Rights (HR) became a critical issue after the second world war and after the acceptance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The growth of HR Law and jurisprudence thereafter was spontaneous and continuous. The changes in the global scenario bring new concepts of HR protection against violation. In one sense, HR can be said to be the rights which nature has endowed with human beings. However, they are not mere privileges given to the subjects by the ruler but are liberties permitted to the "citizens" in a democracy. Manifestly, a law that violates human rights is no law at all. This perspective may give the impression that human rights are like natural rights envisaged by the natural law school.

The understanding of human rights is the foundation for the development of a responsible citizen and a knowledgeable legal professional. The Global community's concerns about human rights have been expressed through various conventions. On the national level, they are contained in constitutional provisions such as directive principles of state policy, fundamental rights, fundamental duties and judicial, legislative as well as administrative strategies of reconstruction. Human rights acquire a much more comprehensive and wider meaning.

The fundamental mission of the Department of Human Rights and Duties is to create awareness and disseminate knowledge of Human Rights and Duties and power structures in shaping an individual’s life in all its spheres in field of law as well as society.

To lead the best professional grooming of our students in world class, innovative, career- oriented advanced studies and research in the field of Human Rights and Duties.

Department of Human Rights and Duties mission is to create understanding among students those Human rights can easily become vulnerable to abuse of various structures and processes of power with practical training and communication skills focus on addition to quality professional education, to ensure students secure, successful career in a variety of general, legal and Law related opportunities.

To create Human Rights champion to protect and preserve human values and Human Rights across society.

Through this post-graduation programme in Human Rights and duties, everyone knows about Human Rights concepts, use and implementation in their life and prepare Knowledgeable person in the Society and to achieve excellence in legislative matters for the protection of Human Rights.

Enriching Law Department where thought and inspire an act of community that is intense about achieving justice and equitable world.

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