School of Law


The renowned School of Law, was established in the year 1977. Ever since
then, it has offered outstanding support and excellence in the areas
relating to Legal education. The faculty has always aided in developing
quality legal professionals, assured to secure the structure, of the
future legal system. An abundance of characteristics are what make the
School of Law, special and among the top notch.
Starting off with the foremost features, providing our students not only
the theoretical knowledge, but the practical training is put focus into
as well. Second and one of the most interesting attributes is the moot
court, which can encourage positive developments in the researching
qualities of an individual. Furthermore, intriguing study visits are also
a major part of our curriculum, so as to expand our students’ knowledge.
Supreme court visits, high court, Secretariat visits are a few to name.
Apart from that, field work along with NGO’s is conducted too.
Talking about the amenities, proper workroom environment is maintained at
all times. Along with basic facilities such as Computer labs with
reliable and fast Wi-Fi, Smart classrooms which accommodate projectors
for feasible learning, hygienic washrooms for all and a well experienced
faculty on top all this.
Now some insights regarding the courses conducted at the School of Law.
Intellectual Property Rights, is one of the key specialisation of the
department, and possibly the reason for its recognition. Numerous self
finance courses are also available for Environment, Constitution and
Human rights subjects for those interested. Lately, 5 years integrated
B.Com LL.B courses have been under practice.

To be the nation\'s finest in nurturing a future generation of competent, credible and ethical forensic scientists.Enhancing academic excellence through a balanced emphasis on teaching and research.Adopting innovative teaching methods that promote learning, creativity and critical thinking skills.Reviewing regularly the curriculum, courses and programs offered to meet the changing needs of the forensic science profession.

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