Institute of Defence Studies and Research


Institute of Defence Studies and Research (IDSR) has been established jointly by Gujarat University and IITRAM, Ahmedabad, with the patronage and support of Government of Gujarat. IDSR is an autonomous institute dedicated to conduct academic and research activities with a mission to pave way for quality human resources in the defence sector, while functioning as an organisation working towards augmenting the defence policy and research. The Institute promotes national and international security through the generation and dissemination of knowledge on defence and homeland security-related issues.

A special purpose vehicle named ‘Institute of Defence Studies and Research Foundation’ has been incorporated as a non-profit company u/s 8(a) of Companies Act jointly by Gujarat University and IITRAM to govern the operations of the autonomous Institute and deliver courses, programs and conduct research as per the needs of the country’s defence sector. The Institute is supported by Gujarat government and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), and the Institute of Defence Scientists and Technologists (IDST), Pune.

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