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Department, since its establishment in 1959, has been engaged in teaching and research in basic and applied Mathematics. Late Prof. P. V. Parekh took up the responsibility in 1959 single-handedly. Prof. P. C. Vaidya and Prof. H. N. Raval joined the department in August 1959. In 1960, Prof. Saiyad Izhar Hussain and Late Prof. D. S. Basan joined the department. Thereafter, Prof. A. M. Vaidya, Late Prof. Markendya Mishra, Late Dr. L. K. Patel, Prof. I. H. Sheth, Prof. N. R. Ladhawala, Dr. N. C. Shah and Dr. P. J. Bhatt served Department of Mathematics. All Eminent professors had their own vision for teaching and research.

To date, the number of Ph. D. theses approved stands at about 72. Many of the alumni have occupied important positions in various universities, government and non-government institutes, research institutes, etc.

NBHM (National Board of Higher Mathematics) supports the department by giving library grants and complimentary books every year.

Department has organized national level ‘Mathematics Meet-2011’ in February funded by GUJCOST. Department of Mathematics, jointly with the Department of Statistics, organized an ‘International Conference on Applied Mathematics & Statistics’ which was funded by GUJCOST. 12 international and 237 national delegates attended it. One of the recent events in the department was the ‘International Seminar on Applied Mathematics & Statistics in January 2015. It was attended by ten international delegates and ninety postgraduates, research students, and faculties.

The department has played a leading role in the Mathematical activities of Gujarat State, be it the spread of Mathematical awareness, competitions, curricular revisions, publication of books and journals, talent search, and nurturing or teachers’ programs. These activities are carried out by Gujarat Ganit Mandal, Suganitam Trust, Prof. P. C. Vaidya Sanman Nidhi Trust and Ahmedabad Ganit Mandal whose official address is the Department of Mathematics, Gujarat University.

Prizes & Scholarships
o Students of the department receive scholarships from Suganitam Trust through donations from Late Prof. P. V. Parekh, Late Prof. I. M. Pandya and Vadilal Icecream Trust.

o The Eklavya Education Foundation has awarded a gold medal and a prize to the top scorer of M. Sc. I examination till 2014.

o Topper in M. Sc. gets Prof. H. N. Raval gold medal in the Annual Convocation of Gujarat University.

o Prof. D. S. Basan medal is given to the “Best Student” by an anonymous donner through the department.

Publication of Magazine/Research Journal
The magazine entitled “Suganitam” is published regularly for over 5 decades with assistance from Suganitam Trust. o The DoM publishes a research journal entitled “Mathematics Today: ISSN 0976-3228 (Print), ISSN 2455-9601 (Online),” with the editorial assistance of Dr. S. K. Patel. This activity is funded by Prof. P. C. Vaidya Sanman Nidhi Trust.

To create and nurture globally competitive minds in pure and applied mathematics who are technology savvy and socially responsible in solving world problems using their domain skills
To DESIGN state-of-the-art postgraduate and research programs which enable mathematically inclined learners to develop, apply and communicate mathematical ideas precisely and effectively using mathematical thinking and technology and DEPLOY effective pedagogical techniques to TRAIN learners for the same.

  • Teaching mathematics with a focus on number sense encourages students to become problem solvers in a wide variety of situations and to view mathematics as a discipline where thinking is important.
  • Whole‐class discussion following individual and group work improves student achievement
  • Teaching that incorporates students' intuitive solution methods can increase student learning, especially when combined with opportunities for student interaction and discussion.
  • Giving students both an opportunity to discover and invent new knowledge and an opportunity to practice what they have learned improves student achievement.
  • Focusing instruction on the meaningful development of important mathematical ideas increases student learning.
  • National Mathematics Day is celebrated every year on 22nd December at the department. 

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