Master of Science in Forensic Science

Program Code



Post Graduate


2 Year

Department name

Department of Biochemistry & Forensic Science
Semester Sr no CourseCode Course CourseCredit
Sem-1 1 FS-401 Introduction to Forensic Science and Crime Scene Management (Theory) 4
Sem-1 2 FS-402 FS-402 Criminology and Law (Theory) 4
Sem-1 3 FS-403 Forensic Ballistics and Explosives 4
Sem-1 4 FS-404 Analytical Instrumental techniques 4
Sem-1 5 FS-405 (Practical-1) 4
Sem-1 6 FS-406 (Practical-2) 4
Sem-2 1 FS-407 Finger print and Impressions 4
Sem-2 2 FS-408 Questioned Document 4
Sem-2 3 FS-409 Forensic Physics 4
Sem-2 4 FS-410 Forensic Chemistry 4
Sem-2 5 FS-411 Practical-1 4
Sem-2 6 FS-412 Practical-2 4
Sem-3 1 FS-501 Forensic Biology, Serology and DNA Profiling 4
Sem-3 2 FS-502 Forensic Toxicology and Pharmacology 4
Sem-3 3 FS-503 Forensic Medicine and Anthropology 4
Sem-3 4 FS-504 Cyber Forensics 4
Sem-3 5 FS-505 Practical-1 4
Sem-3 6 FS-506 Practical-2 4
Sem-4 1 FS 507 Dissertation 4
Sem-4 2 FS 508 Specialization Subject paper 4
CourseType Shift
Sanctioned Intake
General EWS SEBC SC ST Male Female
HPP/Self Finance Noon 14 3 8 5 2 13500 13500
Eligibility Criteria
  • Qualification : Bachelor of Science || Subject : || Percentage : 55
  • PO1: Identify and analyze complex problems reaching substantiated conclusions using basic principles of biological, chemical, physical and mathematical sciences.
  • PO2: Impart competent skills to thrive into various fields of scientific research, education and industries.
  • PO3: Impart knowledge of basic as well as advance science and in-depth information regarding applied fields of science.
  • PSO1: Enabling young minds to grasp technical skills in the domain of Cyber Security.
  • PSO2: Imparting practical knowledge to serve in the field of Quality Assessment and Quality check in Pharmaceutical as well as chemical industries.
  • PSO3: Imparting theoretical and practical skills to perform Crime scene investigation.
  • PSO4: Sensitizes students to pursue scientific research and advancements in the field offorensic science and crime investigation.
  • PSO5: This Programmeimparts competent skills to work as Forensic expert, Fingerprint expert and Questioned Document examiner.
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