Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Program Code



Post Graduate


2 Year

Department name

Department of Biochemistry & Forensic Science
Semester Sr no CourseCode Course CourseCredit
Sem-1 1 PS-401 Fundamentals of Biology and Clinical Pharmacy 4
Sem-1 2 PS-402 Pharmaceutical Analysis 4
Sem-1 3 PS-403 General Pharmacology and toxicology 4
Sem-1 4 PS-404 Pharmaceutical Technology 4
Sem-1 5 PS-405 PR Practicals 4
Sem-1 6 PS-406 PR Practicals 4
Sem-2 1 PS-407 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry 4
Sem-2 2 PS-408 Pharmaceutics-I 4
Sem-2 3 PS-409 Pharmaceutical Engineering 4
Sem-2 4 PS-410 Pharmaceutical Analysis-II 4
Sem-2 5 PS-411 PRPractical 4
Sem-2 6 PS-412 PR Practical 4
Sem-3 1 PS-501 Research Methodology, IPR and Patent 4
Sem-3 2 PS-502 Pharmaceutics-II 4
Sem-3 3 PS-503-E1 Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology – (Elective 1) 4
Sem-3 4 PS-503-E2 Nutraceuticals and Food Science (Elective 2) 4
Sem-3 5 PS-504 GMP & GLP and Drug Regulatory Affair 4
Sem-3 6 PS-505 PRPracticals 4
Sem-3 7 PS-506 PR Practicals 4
Sem-4 1 PS-507 PT Dissertation/ Project Work 4
Sem-4 2 PS- 508 S Seminars / Field / Industrial Visit 4
Sem-4 3 PS- 509M Assignment and Group Discussion 4
CourseType Shift
Sanctioned Intake
General EWS SEBC SC ST Male Female
HPP/Self Finance Noon 14 3 8 5 2 13500 13500
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: Enabling young minds to grasp effective communicational skills in the domain of pharmaceutical science with scientific writing and communication.
  • PO2: Imparting theoretical and experimental skills in pharmaceutical science.
  • PO3: Sensitizes students to pursue scientific advancements in pharmaceutical sciencewhile embracing ethics and environmental safety.
  • PO4: This programme, with dissertation projects, imparts competent skills to thrive in research institutions and industries.
  • PSO1: In depth knowledge and skillsets are addressed with respect to bioethics, environmental safety, biosafety, biopatents and intellectual property rights in the domain of pharmacology.
  • PSO2: Inculcate the ability to solve, analyze and interpret data generated from formulation development, quality control & quality assurance in pharmaceutical industry setup.
  • PSO3: Significant portion of this programme is dedicated in imparting knowledge for the use of advanced instrumentation enabling lifelong directed learning.
  • PSO4: The programme also involves activities for all round development of students through research dissertation work with interactive seminars, assignments, group discussionsto strengthen their interpersonal communication skills and develop a scientific temperament.
  • PSO5: The programme imparts fundamental knowledge of biochemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical science along with other interdisciplinary subjects like food sciences, toxicology, nutraceutical sciences and cosmetology.
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