PG-Diploma in Plant Tissue Culture

Program Code





1 Year

Department name

Department of Botany, Bioinformatics and Climate Change
Semester Sr no CourseCode Course CourseCredit
Sem-1 1 PGD PTC 401 Plant Tissue Culture, Methods And Applications 5
Sem-1 2 PGD PTC 402 Plant Improvement And Complementary Techniques 5
Sem-1 3 PGD PTC 403 Practical – 1 Based On Paper Pgd Ptc 401 5
Sem-1 4 PGD PTC 404 Practical – 2 Based On Paper Pgd Ptc 402 5
Sem-2 1 PGD PTC 501 Project 20
Sem-2 2 PGD PTC 502 Assignment, Documentation And Review Writing 10
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: Knowledge upgradation
  • PO2: Application of plant tissue culture methods
  • PO3: Career options
  • PSO1: The programme also helps the student to acquire necessary skills and expertise in the area of their interest.
  • PSO2: The students learn the basics of Plant tissue culture and get skilled in maintaining plant cultures.
  • PSO3: This programme caters to a short term learning and enables those aspiring to move out of India for higher studies by adding the much needed one year to their present 12 + 3+1 to 12+4 set up.

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