PG-Diploma in Computer Science and Applications

Program Code





1 Year

Department name

Department of Computer Science
Semester Sr no CourseCode Course CourseCredit
Sem-1 1 PGDCSA111 Fundamentals of Programming 6
Sem-1 2 PGDCSA112 Fundamentals of Computers & Office Automation 6
Sem-1 3 PGDCSA113 Internet Technology And Web Design 6
Sem-1 4 PGDCSA114 Relational Database Management Systems 6
Sem-2 1 PGDCSA121 Computer Based Accounting System 2
Sem-2 2 PGDCSA122 Networking Essentials 4
Sem-2 3 PGDCSA123 Object Oriented Programming Using Python 6
Sem-2 4 PGDCSA124 Web Application Development 6
Sem-2 5 PGDCSA125 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 4
Sem-2 6 PGDCSA126 Systems Development Project 16
CourseType Shift
Sanctioned Intake
General EWS SEBC SC ST Male Female
Government Morning 17 3 9 2 5 2250 1500
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: To create skilled human resources that can work as network operators
  • PO2: To create skilled human resources in the area of computer science that caters the need of computer technicians and entry level programmers
  • PO3: To empower the students with efficient communication skills for project management
  • PO4: To inculcate capabilities like modelling business problems and business logic into software systems
  • PO5: To inculcate leadership qualities and teamwork qualities
  • PO6: To practice acquired knowledge, skills, and tools pertinent to ICT applications
  • PO7: To promote independent and collaborative work in ICT domain
  • PO8: To provide fundamental knowledge of computing skills
  • PSO1: Ability to model systems using object oriented analysis & design approach
  • PSO2: Be able to configure computing systems for networking, manage and troubleshoot network infrastructure
  • PSO3: Be able to design and develop programming solutions that can map onto business logic using C or Python language
  • PSO4: Be able to design and implement software solutions for business needs
  • PSO5: Be able to design dynamic websites / web applications using server side scripting with special focus on FOSS
  • PSO6: Be able to design static websites / web applications using client side scripting technologies
  • PSO7: Be able to use relational database management systems efficiently to develop business solutions
  • PSO8: Be able to use Tally software for accounting and payroll purposes

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