Master of Science in Life Science

Program Code



Post Graduate


2 Year

Department name

Department of Life Science
Semester Sr no CourseCode Course CourseCredit
Sem-1 1 LSC401  Physical and Biological Chemistry  4
Sem-1 2 LSC402  Principles of Microbial Sciences  4
Sem-1 3 LSC403  Molecular Cell Biology  4
Sem-1 4 LSC404  Developmental and Stem Cell Biology  4
Sem-1 5 LSC405PR  Practical – I +Viva voce  4
Sem-1 6 LSC406PR  Practical – II +Viva voce  4
Sem-2 1 LSC407  Principles of Plant Sciences and Ecology  4
Sem-2 2 LSC408  Mammalian Physiology  4
Sem-2 3 LSC409  Ethology, Evolution and Toxicology  4
Sem-2 4 LSC410  Food Science and Food Microbiology  4
Sem-2 5 LSC411PR  Practical – III +Viva voce  4
Sem-2 6 LSC412PR  Practical – IV +Viva voce  4
Sem-3 1 LSC501  Immunology and Immunotechnology  4
Sem-3 2 LSC502  Analytical and Separation Techniques  4
Sem-3 3 LSC503  Biostatistics, Bioinformatics Bioinstrumentation and Bioassays  4
Sem-3 4 LSC504EA  1.Applied Botany  4
Sem-3 5 LSC504EB  2.Fermentation Technology  4
Sem-3 6 LSC504EC  3.Molecular Biology and Animal Biotechnology  4
Sem-3 7 LSC504ED  4.Cancer Biology  4
Sem-3 8 LSC505PR  Practical – I +Viva voce  4
Sem-3 9 LSC506PR  Practical – II +Viva voce  4
Sem-4 1 LSC507PT  Dissertation / Project Work  16
Sem-4 2 LSC508S  Seminar / Field /Industrial visit  4
Sem-4 3 LSC 509M  Assignment / Group Discussion  4
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: Be a good Human being by learning various aspects of Life Physiology-Mechanism and impacting Citizen in Social Context as well as Indian.
  • PO2: Be a good Team Member or can be Leader of Team for various projects in the subject of Life Science.
  • PO3: Become good/excellent expressive in terms of Speak, Read, Write and Perceptible through various mode of communications.
  • PO4: Self-disciplined, placed in Lifelong Learning and decipher/propagate the knowledge of the Subject to others.
  • PO5: Transforming the information in the form of knowledge through various conformational tools and logical thought process.
  • PSO1: Acquiring the skill/ potential to develop product relating the sustainability of Life or analysis of Life Mechanism in term act as Entrepreneurs.
  • PSO2: Candidates will act as Academicians, Scientists or Consultants to add knowledge of Life.
  • PSO3: Candidates will explore higher level of studies in the understanding various mechanism of Life at Research and through available resources
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