Master of Science in Food Science and Nutrition

Program Code



Post Graduate


2 Year

Department name

Department of Food & Nutrition
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: Apply knowledge of the role of nutrition and healthy eating for disease prevention and wellness along with analyze the relationships between nutritional health and food selection.
  • PO2: Develop an educational session or program/educational/awareness strategy for a target population. Demonstrate counseling and education methods to facilitate behavior change and enhance wellness for different individuals and groups.
  • PO3: Dietetics Practice and the Code of Ethics for the Profession of Nutrition and Dietetics; and describe inter professional relationships in various practice settings such as hospitals, health industries and pharmaceutical companies.
  • PO4: Understand the chemistry and the properties of various food components, food processing and storage. Learn the basic principles of various food preservation methods and operations in the line of different food attributes or consumer preferences.
  • PO5: Understand the Nutrition Care Process, Identify & Evaluate Nutrition-related problems with interventions. Develop interventions to affect change and enhance wellness in the community. Explain the impact of health care policy and different health care delivery systems on Food and Nutrition services.
  • PSO1: Pass out students can associate with the hospitals, Doctors, NGOS, R& D departments and health industries as a Nutritionist and Dieticians.
  • PSO2: Pass out students can pursue higher studies like Ph.D. And other diploma courses in the field of food science & Nutrition, Dietetics, Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Community Nutrition from India and from Abroad.
  • PSO3: Pass out students can startups their own clinic or new product development and start working as entrepreneurs
  • PSO4: Students can also work as lab technician in the food testing laboratories setups in different food industry
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