Master of Science in Wildlife Biology and Conservations

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Post Graduate


2 Year

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Department of Zoology & Biomedical Technology
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: Enabling young minds to pursue higher studies and become teaching faculties in the universities and research centers or become a Forest officer.
  • PO2: Imparting theoretical and experimental skills Wildlife.
  • PO3: This programme, with dissertation projects, imparts competent skills to thrive in research institutions and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • PSO1: Application for better living: knowledge of various animal groups and their growth, development and reproduction. There is a growing demand of trained personnel who can guide urban architect towards wildlife conservation.
  • PSO2: Career in science: Students may become wildlife management, ecology and its subdivisions, like behavior ecology, landscape ecology, marine ecology etc, human-wildlife conflict, genetics and so many. The programme is so designed that wherever the student goes his basic expertise in Wildlife science should earn him a decent living.
  • PSO3: Challenges and Opportunities: A very significant component of the programme is that it is basically applied aspects of Wildlife and thus is the bases for various diverse fields of studies like landscaping, Mammalogy, Ornithology, Herpetology and Ichthyology, Entomology & Invertebrates, Biogeography and Ecology etc.
  • PSO4: Ethics and research: The Masters in Wildlife and Conservation Programme will address the increasing need for skilled scientific manpower with an understanding of research ethics involving Animals and contribute to application, advancement, and impartment of knowledge in the field of Wildlife science globally.
  • PSO5: Skill upgradation: The laboratory training in addition to theory is included to prepare them for careers in the industry, photography, and applied research where Wildlife science is increasingly employed. Basics and current updates in the areas of Wildlife science are included to train the students and also sensitize them for research.
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2021-2022 Master of Science in Wildlife Biology and Conservations 2021-22
2023-2024 M.Sc. Wildlife Biology And Conservation Syllabus sem 1 to 4

Gujarat University

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