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Department of Animation & IT in Gujarat University offering wide array of innovative Advance UG and PG programs to help students become Future-Ready and land jobs in fast-growing sectors of the economy. Gujarat University understands the need of the hour & acted upon for giving bright future to young generation. By identifying promising sectors and putting together potent syllabus, University has started this department in 2010 with a roster of full-time courses in association with India's best-known industry experts that equip the student with the skills that tomorrow's industry is crying for today. We focus on Animation & VFX, Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure Management, Cloud Technology, Digital Design (Fashion / Interior / Media), Web & Mobile Application Development .  

  • To adopt innovative teaching method which can promote Learning, Creativity & Critical thinking skills.
  • Monitoring & reviewing regularly the curriculum, courses & Programmes offered to meet the fast changing and progressive need of IT sector.
  • To give an friendly environment to students were they can nurture them self and develop the belief in them self and understand the meaning of Team work, Dedication, Determination & Discipline. Our Mission is Placement of Successful Beneficiaries
Provide World Class Industry relevant Education through Expert Faculties to Empower and Transform the lives of our younger generation

How students organize knowledge impacts how they learn and apply what they know.

Students obviously make connections between pieces of knowledge. When those connections form knowledge structures that are accurately and meaningfully organized, students are better able to regain and apply their knowledge efficiently and competently. In contrast, when knowledge is connected in inaccurate or random ways, students can fail to recover or apply it appropriately.

As students enter college and gain greater self-sufficiency over what, when, and how they study and learn, motivation plays a critical role in guiding the direction, concentration, determination, and quality of the learning behaviors in which they engage.

When students find positive value in a learning goal or activity, expect to successfully achieve a desired learning outcome, and observe support from their environment, they are likely to be strongly motivated to learn. To develop Competency, students must acquire component skills, practice integrating them, and know when to apply what they have learned.

Students must develop not only the component skills and knowledge necessary to perform complex tasks, they must also practice combining and integrating them to develop greater fluency.

Finally, students must learn when and how to apply the skills and knowledge they learn. As instructors, it is important that we develop conscious awareness of these elements of mastery so as to help our students learn more effectively.

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