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Gujarat University's School of Design has been inspired by the transformative potential and experience of Design. It draws on an array of academic fields to deliver unique interdisciplinary education. In the School of Design, new generation of creative leaders are motivated to engage in real- world learning and develop as critical thinkers. They are encouraged to identify the grappling issues of the present time by doing thorough research. At the School of Design, we are creating a community of imaginators who will re-imagine the future. We nourish the expressive creativity of the keen learners to create transformational designs. The outermost limits of the artists mind is tested. Re-imagination brings about an engagement with traditional values, social values and local needs. In the process the learners develop the entrepreneurial skills required in the 21st century. School of Design is going to bring about a revolution by creating bold new vision of education. Here at the school, we don't expand the conventional boundaries, but create new ones by re-drawing them. In-depth exploration followed by rigorous methodology and human inspired environmental problems paves the path for new ways to create new knowledge, new forms, new models and new designs.

To facilitate design learners from all across the globe to create design professionals of excellence in Design research by recognizing the problems.
The vision is to establish as a Global Institution by bringing about conscious responsibility in understanding the needs of society by technological innovation, bringing out creative and expressive problem solving designs, thus becoming a center of excellence in Design Learning, Design Practice and Design Research.

It serves as a platform for innovation, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

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