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Research Projects

  • January 2015
    December 2016

    Project Title: Floristic Study of Sabarmati River,by UGC(WRO) Pune

    Amount: 35000

    Completed Principal Investigator : Prof. Bharat Maitreya
  • September 2021
    July 2022

    Project Title: Assessment of Trees and Carbon Sequestration potential ( Non-destructive Method ) in Ahmedabad Mahanagarpalika of Gujarat: A synthesis approach of Remote sensing and Field Survey

    Amount: 1994300/-

    Completed Co-Principal Investigator : Prof. Bharat Maitreya
  • January 2002
    March 2004

    Project Title: Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds

    Amount: 37000

    Completed PI - Principal Investigator : Prof. Hitesh Patel
  • January 2004
    October 2005

    Project Title: Synthesis of heterocyclic/organometalic compounds and their biological activity

    Amount: 199500

    Completed PI - Principal Investigator : Prof. Hitesh Patel
  • March 2007
    March 2010

    Project Title: Chiral synthesis of N & O/S hetero atoms containing compounds by microwave assisted for green chemistry aspect and their anticancer, anti-tubercular and Anti-malarial activities

    Amount: 100000

    Completed PI - Principal Investigator : Prof. Hitesh Patel
  • March 2017
    December 2017

    Project Title: 5. Bromination of a-carbonyl compounds under microwave irradiation by NBS and recycle NBS

    Amount: 25000

    Completed Mentor : Prof. Hitesh Patel
  • March 2017
    March 2019

    Project Title: Discovery of NCE as anticancer and antimalarial agents using structure based design approach

    Amount: 425000

    Completed PI - Principal Investigator : Prof. Hitesh Patel
  • March 2021
    December 2023

    Project Title: Point of care diagnostic kit development for diagnosis of Mycobacteria

    Amount: 4996000

    Ongoing Pi _ Principal Investigator : Prof. Hitesh Patel
  • August 2021
    March 2023

    Project Title: Development of particulate organic carbon (POC) algorithm in the water of Arabian Sea

    Amount: 1600000

    Completed PI - Principal Investigator : Prof. Hitesh Patel
  • September 2022

    Project Title: Development of algorithms for carbon and nitrogen-based productivity in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea and their role on biogeochemistry

    Amount: 2580000

    Ongoing PI - Principal Investigator : Prof. Hitesh Patel
  • 44105

    Project Title: WCB Research Foundation


    : Prof. Hitesh Solanki
  • 44105

    Project Title: Species conservation network


    : Prof. Hitesh Solanki
  • 44013

    Project Title: Retrieval of Chlorophyll-a concentration and Phytoplankton Size Class using GISAT (MX-VNIR and HYSI-VNIR)


    : Prof. Hitesh Solanki
  • 43160

    Project Title: Bio-Optical Algorithms for Measurement of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) in Coastal waters


    : Prof. Hitesh Solanki
  • 43221

    Project Title: Biogeochemical studies and bio-optical algorithms for coloured dissolved organic matter


    : Prof. Hitesh Solanki
  • 41334



    : Prof. Hitesh Solanki
  • 43435

    Project Title: phytoplankton and Zooplankton study of Kankaria lake,Ahmedabad


    : Prof. Bharat Maitreya

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