From the desk of Vice Chancellor


From the desk of Vice Chancellor

Greetings from Gujarat University!

I thank all the stakeholders, associates and well-wishers of Gujarat University family for the warm welcome. I feel proud and humbled to be honoured with this new responsibility at Gujarat University. I hope to upkeep the legacy of this Grand old University of Gujarat and continue its upward progress with the help of all of you.

I wish all students who have excelled in their academics in this year and welcome the new UG, PG and other students on board. With various facilities of international standard on the campus and excellent hard-working faculty members - students are encouraged to excel globally.

The Five Star rating under the Gujarat state GSIRF rankings, 43rd national rank under the NIRF Rankings and 9th national rank under the ARIIA rankings, inspires us to further this achievement with the best in the field of Research and Academia with the support of all.

Gujarat University through knowledge, action and devotion is fully committed toquality and affordable education to all sections of society.

I am sure that together we will be able to fulfil this responsibility with the help of all the Teaching, Administrative staff and well-wishers of Gujarat University.

May the almighty shower all the blessings on Gujarat University.

अधिष्ठानं तथा कर्ता करणं च पृथग्विधम्‌ ।

विविधाश्च पृथक्चेष्टा दैवं चैवात्र पञ्चमम्‌।।

(Bhagwat Gita: Adhyay 18 Shlok 14)
- Dr. Neerja A Gupta
Vice-Chancellor,Gujarat University

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