Admission Rules


  • Applications should be complete in every detail
  • There will be no Entrance Test for International students to get admission into Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, PG Diploma, and Ph.D
  • It is a compulsory requirement of Indian Universities/institutes for foreign students to have a passport to study in India, which also include applicants from countries not requiring passport for travel to India.
  • Passport size photograph of applicant with white background and visibility of both the ears should be uploaded.
  • In case of documents available in local language, applicants are requested to upload certified copies of translations of these documents in English. In case of unavailability of English transcript, the application will be rejected.
  • Applicants applying for M.Phil. / Doctoral / Post-Doctoral courses should submit a synopsis along with the application.
  • Applicants wishing to pursue performing arts course should upload the latest video/audio/YouTube Ink of their performance.
  • In Indian Universities, in order to pursue studies in engineering, science streams, students should have studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in high school. In Biology-based science subjects, students should have studied Biology, Physics and Chemistry in high school. ln order to avoid rejection from Universities/colleges, applicants are advised to make their subject choices carefully, based on the subjects they have studied in high school.
  • For admission in UG level courses, it is compulsory to have 10+2 i.e; (12 years) of schooling. lt is therefore necessary that the student applying for UG level courses must complete 12 years of schooling.
  • Applicants are advised to read all the instructions on the online portal for filling online application and leave no field blank.
B) Selection of Subjects, Courses
  • For admission to science/ engineering courses, an applicant should have studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at Higher Secondary level to be eligible.
  • Applicants should clearly mention the course to which they are seeking admission while mentioning choices.
C ) Medium of instruction and English language proficiency
  • Medium of instruction is English in the Gujarat Universities. Applicants should therefore have good knowledge of English to the extent that they are able to fluently speak in English and comprehend lessons in English without any difficulty.
  • While filling the application, the applicant has to write a 500 word essay in English language, on one of the topics / subject mentioned in the Portal.
  • There is an optional provision of providing marks obtained in an English Proficiency Test like TOFEL/ILETS etc. Only the marks obtained in such exams should be filled in.
D) About the Admissions
  • Gujarat University is independent body and have their own eligibility criteria. lt is, therefore, for the students to satisfy themselves about the course chosen and the confirmation given by the Universities. Their admission is provisional till the time Universities satisfy themselves of the authenticity of requisite documents from the students. lf on arrival, it is found that the student does not possess the required original documents on the basis of copies of which the admission has been finalized, the students will themselves be responsible for the consequences including denial of admission by the Universities and student will have to return at own cost. The student should bring the following documents
    (a) Original documents relating to their qualifications for verification by the respective college/University.
    (b) English Translation of the documents in original.
    (c) Certified copy of the syllabus of the last qualifying examination.
    (d) Valid passport with appropriate visa. Student visa for undergraduate/post graduate and research visa for Ph D. Students.
    (e) Undertaking from the student that the course and the University as conveyed is acceptable and that he/she will not request for change at the time of admission.
  • The application will be scrutinized by the respective Universities/institutes for eligibility of admission of applicant in the applied course and stream.
  • lt may be noted that the admission remains provisional till the time Universities verify the authenticity of original documents. lf original documents are not found in order on which provisional admission has been granted by University, the admission offer will be revoked and the student will have to return to their country at their own cost
  • Once admission is considered, Gujarat University will issue an offer of admission for acceptance of applicant. Applicant will have 7days time to accept / reject the offer. ln case applicant wishes to accept the offer, an automated acceptance letter has to signed digitally by the student and submitted for further process.
  • After submitting the acceptance, the applicant should approach Indian Embassy for issuance of appropriate Student / Research Visa with the required document and letter of admission
  • Once the Indian visa is granted, a copy of the visa should be mail by the applicant on e-mail address given.

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