PG-Diploma in Linguistics

Program Code





2 Year

Department name

Department of Linguistics
Eligibility Criteria
  • PO1: Students get inculcated with the study of structures of languages and the sociology, Biology and Psychology of languages. The creativity behind the languages will develop the aesthetic and critical awareness of diverse cultures, and thus they are able to arrive at a broader vision of the world and cultures.
  • PO2: Students of Linguistics will develop skills that are highly valued by employers, including critical thinking skills and strong writing skills which make them employable in a wide range of professions such as teaching, publishing, Script writing, translations, journalisms, media productions, documenting, reporting, producing documentaries, analyzing speech, tourism, Computation, NLP, Machine Translation, etc.
  • PO3: Students will be able to analyze the evolution of Languages, the relationship between Language and Culture, the sociology and psychology behind the use of the piece of Language, their Literature and the growth of its popular genres, Natural language Processing and Machine Translation, Biology of Language, Semiotics of Language and all other fields which are related with the use of languages. The outcome of study of Linguistics will be in terms of social, political, historical, national, cultural and literary backgrounds.
  • PO4: Students will be able to apply their understanding of the various types of linguistic abilities in the interpretation and appreciation of a Speech acts in various Context of Situations.
  • PO5: Students will become capable of interpreting and exploring relationships from the points of view of different people. They will also become capable in the use of Technology by making programs for the computation of their own languages.
  • PO6: Students will get inspired through the study of Sociology and psychology of Languages and make them open minded and inspire them to develop Intellectual as well as emotional quotient (IQ & EQ) allowing them to compare and contrast the perception of the world from their own culture and other cultures and thereby making them conversant with inter cultural similarities and differences of Conceptualization.
  • PO7: Students will learn how to appreciate all languages because now they have already learnt that every language is unique and behind every language there is a universal Grammar. So no language is sweet or harsh, no language is easy or difficult.
  • PO8: Students will learn what language is and what it consists of through the study of Linguistic rules written across the different space and time, starting from Yaska through Panini and Bhartrihari up to Saussure, Chomsky and Halliday.
  • PSO1: Students will be able to think and write creatively and critically and will be able to interpret any piece of writing.
  • PSO2: Students will develop communication and employability skills that give them professional outlook for better performance.
  • PSO3: Students will organize their views and format them into a seminar of about thirty pages will help them as a working knowledge of research methodology.
  • PSO4: Students will perform in the fields such as teaching, publishing, Computation, scriptwriting, translations, journalisms, media-productions, documenting, reporting, producing documentaries, Speech Analysis etc.
  • PSO5: Students will pursue research degrees like M.Phil. and Ph.D.

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